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Our History

Brownstown Electric Supply Company was started in 1970 by Mr. Carl Shake and a long time friend and industry associate Mr. Earl Hobbs, who had been in the line construction contracting work since 1956. Carl came from a long history in the electric utility business, starting as a lineman for Northern Indiana Power Service (NIPSCO), Public Service Indiana (PSI) and then working for General Electric in their supply divisions (GESCO) in the cities of Terre Haute and Indianapolis, Indiana, before starting Brownstown Electric Supply Company in 1970.

Incorporated in the State of Indiana in 1970, Brownstown Electric grew from a sales area that served the southern Indiana area, to a company with five locations, serving a four state region including the States of Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Ohio. Today Brownstown Electric operates from their five locations in the States of Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Ohio.