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Our Facilities


Brownstown Electric Supply Co., Inc. has over 250,000 square feet of warehouse floor space under roof. The most recent additions consisting of approximately 65,000 square feet of new buildings at our Brownstown, Indiana location and a new 25,000 square foot building in Bellefontaine, Ohio.

As many of our utility customers look for ways of lowering their overall operating costs, it has become imperative that Brownstown Electric maintain facilities capable of handling more and more of our customers material, enabling them to operate with their inventory levels at workable, yet lower levels than ever.

Most all of the materials we stock are kept inside these eleven warehouses, however when outside storage is needed for poles, transformers, etc., we currently have over 35 acres of outside storage available for outside storage or more building space.


Brownstown Electric Supply Co., Inc. has physical warehouse and sales office locations to date in five locations.

Truck Fleet

Brownstown Electric has always maintained its own truck fleet, ranging from semi-tractor trailer units to pick up trucks. Currently Brownstown Electric has a fleet of over 70 trailers, six tractors, several van-type trucks and many pick-ups. All of our outside salesmen drive vehicles that afford them the possibility of also delivering smaller amounts of material on their regular sales calls, along with the ability to get to our customers during storms and times that are critical to our utility customers.